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Art Industri
The world of art at your fingertips, including artist portfolios, ecards, resources, kids stuff, reference guides, free email, magazine and web design. artist
We always believe that the real artists and valuable art works come from the people (the grass roots of life), definitely not from the so-called high society or tower of ivory either. Any responsible artist with conscience will never leave the soil of life and creation. Therefore, we hope we can get your support awe warmly welcome your join-in.

British ArtsBritish Arts
British Arts, Art Directory, british artists, A comprehensive listing of the arts in the UK.

Fine art appraisal, art prices - Search free
Free auction prices. Signatures and monograms. - A Keyword Map For the Whole Internet
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The Worldwide Art Gallery
All things art site. Art History, Art Directory, Kids' Art Gallery and education resource, free art quiz (win prizes) plus contemporary international and Australian Art.

World Artist DirectoryWorld Artist Directory
The net's source for accomplished artists worldwide. Also see the Art Critique Gallery and Forums, world art news and articles, artist funding, the Art Teacher, Art Kids Rule! and much more.
International Directory of Art and Artists. Free listings, art marketing news and tools. Royalty publishing, online galleries and free art classifieds.

UK Small Business Directory - Free Business Finder
United Kingdom UK Small Business Directory, Self Employed, Shops, Free site submissions, Portal, Database, Business to Business Links, Join today for free.

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Sinclair Fine Art Link:
TITLE: Sinclair Fine Art
DESCRIPTION: Maritime paintings, fine art prints and high quality giclée printing services including scanning, colour balancing and proofing. UK marine artist and printer Lukman Sinclair.

More Pages on ShipsPictures:

Watercolour paintings and prints of maritime scenes by UK artist Lukman Sinclair:
Digital, colour-balanced, light stable (Giclée) prints for artists: