Giclée Prints
The Fine Art Trade Guild has set the following definition and standards for giclée (zhee-clay) prints.

A giclée print is a piece of printed artwork or photograph produced by using a high quality digital inkjet printer.
The inks used are specially formulated and compatible with the extreme fineness of the printer head that directs minute droplets of ink at a resolution of 1440 dots per (linear) inch or more.
The paper or canvas is specially prepared to accept this type of printing mechanism and ink set. The printing media must be manufactured to fine art standards and acid free to ensure longevity.
The visual quality of giclée prints is extremely high. Continuous tones are printed without apparent dots, lines or barring. Colour saturation and definition can be stunning.

My printing methods meet or exceed all the above criteria. I print at 2880 x 1240 dpi on acid-free fine art paper, specially prepared for high resolution ink jet printing, using an Epson 7880 8-colour printer. Epson are confident that light stability of the inks used will exceed 75 years. The latest independent test results indicate life expectancy of up to 200 years for some giclée prints. Standards of permanence of giclée prints are now comparable with or better than other collectible artwork. Click here for more on my fine art printing services...
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